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SXSW Activation

Showcasing the release of new 12oz C4 Smart Energy at SXSW.

C4Bev_Photography_Lifestyle_C4SmartEnergy_SmartHouse_SXSW2023 (3).jpg

My Role

Motion Design Lead

The Team

My Key Contributions

Print Designer

Creative Director

Event Video Displays

Concept Ideation

Social Promos

In-House Brand Building

Animation Art Direction

Tools Used

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Cinema 4D


Paid Social

Organic Social

Print Materials 
Digital Displays

Field Marketing

Our Challenge

C4 Smart Energy had struggled to define itself as a stand-out brand. Competition between brands like Alani Nu, Celsius, and Red Bull with aesthetically favorable 12oz cans marketed to a largely female audience was strong. For C4, consumer feedback was that buyers did not feel comfortable carrying around huge 16oz cans for casual use. 

The SXSW Activation

C4 quickly snagged sponsorship opportunities at SXSW for the big reveal of its new and improved 12oz cans. Partnerships with local artists, DJs, and influencers made for a all-day house party experience. Complete with a large 3D animated head that looped behind the stage highlighting the new "stay focused" brain + body formula benefits. 

Organic Social

Prior to the activation were a series of paid ads and organic social posts that helped bring hype for SXSW goers to see their favorite artists and drink some free C4 Smart Energy. 

The Results

New doors opened for the C4 commercial market, seeing Smart Energy available on Target shelves alongside top brands within the following year. 


The C4 brand became more approachable for consumers, especially women, looking for a fun on-the-go energy drink outside of the fitness space. 

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