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Intertek Facility Tour

Bringing an interactive product map to the front page, answering the question, "What does your company do, exactly?"

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My Role

Motion Design Lead

The Team



Marketing Director

Senior Designer 

My Key Contributions


Concept Ideation Animation Art Direction Illustration Cleanup     

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop


Landing Page


Organic Social

Our Problem

Of Intertek Alchemy’s 8+ products and offerings, many of them had overlaps in functionality that made them work together seamlessly. However, when explaining this ecosystem of technology to new clients, things were getting lost in translation. The sales team was being met with the same question over and over again: 

What does your company do, exactly?


The Big Pitch
(aka The Big Solution) 

Every week, creative marking heads and I would get together to discuss new ideas that would help elevate our brand at Intertek Alchemy. Keeping our product differentiation problem in mind, I pitched the idea to create a factory with clickable links at different sections that would explain how a product might be used at that particular place.

The 3D Conundrum

At the time, key stakeholders wanted this project to be in 3D. With our small team, this would have been a massive feat, considering also that: 


  • Page load time was a concern 

  • Developers would be the ones creating the final animation with code

  • Our company’s branding rarely featured 3D elements 


After I gave a short presentation addressing these concerns and weighing our options, we settled on an isometric design, giving the illusion of depth in a 2D space. 


3D Characters

2D Characters


Round Joints Only, Please

There are certain tips and tricks that help optimize the transition from beautiful illustration to effective animation.


This is especially true when it comes to characters and the way their bodies move and bend at points of connection. Below are some notes I provided to our illustrator on this project regarding character design choices. 


Conversion Winning Visuals

I illustrated and animated a series of characters to be distributed across social media channels and email communications to welcome everyone to our new tool. This character had the best overall performance. 

The Results

The facility tour was so well received it made it to the front page of our website. 


The sales team and customer education teams now had a quick reference guide for all of our products. 

We normalized the production of next-level visuals as a new baseline for our company.

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