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XTEND Airheads

Celebrating a fun and flavorful partnership between two top consumer brands.

XTEND_Photography_XTENDOriginal_Airheads (1).jpg

My Role

Motion Design Lead 

3D Design/Animation 

Graphic Design

The Team

My Key Contributions

Senior Designers

Creative Director

Caleb Kerr Photo

In-Feed Social Videos

UGC Paid Ads

Instagram Stickers

Animated End Cards

In-House Brand Building

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Cinema 4D


Paid Social

Organic Social

Site Banners


Our Opportunity

XTEND is a post-workout powdered drink mix used by athletes to replenish electrolytes. Already having many great flavors in its arsenal, the Nutrabolt team decided to partner with Airheads to expand the XTEND family with a new flavor lineup that brings the nostalgia.

All About The Socials

With amazing photography provided to us, I had the opportunity to go in and add animation to bring these stills to life in the XTEND feed. 

UGC, Paid, & Site Experiences 

On the initial launch, we tested many UGC-style ads to create a relatable space for younger buyers on TikTok - featuring colorful animated end cards and CTAs. The brand has carried over to this day so much so that we've continued to promote XTEND Airheads as recently at Valentines Day 2024. 

The Results

XTEND Airheads Cherry continues to be our highest grossing XTEND product to date.


Refreshed influence for faithful buyers and successful expansive reach for new users. 

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